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Belly selfies against the casual, ubiquitous, boring summer fatphobia. #FatandPerfect #beachbody

“and if i
if i ever let love go
because the hatred and the whisperings
become a phantom dictate i o-
bey in lieu of impulse and realities
(the blossoming flamingos of my
wild mimosa trees)
then let love freeze me

Happy Birthday to one of my dearest ancestors, writer/activist/architect June Jordan. Thank you for your words teaching me to always be directed by desire.‪#‎BlackFeministsDoItBetter‬

My father + My nephew. This epic man and his tender masculinity. I miss you everyday.


Writers note: these are some things I have learned after living for more than two and a half decades as a fat person. This list isn’t, by any means, comprehensive or relevant to every fat person. Some things might be relevant to people who aren’t fat. That’s great. But don’t forget that…

#DeepQueerFemmeLyfe #blackfemmesruleeverythingaroundme @manjipie

Princess Nah for the night. #meanfatgirls #femmeasinfuckyou #fatgirlstakingupspace #browngirlsfullofthemselves

freddie/cree summer gets it #earthmothergoddesstype #deepcrunchylife #mercuryretrograde


…is wherever i have to be

It’s about my coffee, it’s about my gender. #hystericalfemmes

blissed out to have the bestie back. #TrueFemmeLove #welcomeback #NYreallyaintreadyforus #femmesraiseeachother

just chillin with one of my gender icons, or whatever. #bettyboopiscreoleright? #femmeonfemme #vitacocoprincess

beautiful brown grrls rule my world @manjipie #bestielove